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Jan 12, 2013 5:00am PST
're squarely behind the nra's suggestion at having armed guards at every school. are you? >> no. i think it's more complicated than that. the problem is that when you have a uniformed arm guard they'll be the first target often that's there. it will be a costly proposal and it's fairly limited in terms of what it can do. there are cases where armed guards have slowed attacks and allowed people to escape. but in terms of cost benefit it's not the best solution. i think the best solution is to go back to where we were in the country prior to the end of '95, when we allowed permit holders to be able to go and carry concealed handguns on school proper property. there's some states that allow that now. the states allowed concealed carry back in '95 and earlier, allowed it at that time. we have a lot of information on how well that worked. there's not one problem that i know of or that anybody has been able to show with any of those people carrying permits at that time. >> i think there would be a lot of people who question your assertion that there are no problems with people who carry permits a
Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
. and 72% of nra members agree with those uniform background checks. >> let me ask amy, amy, if that is all on the table which sounds like it is, how hard is it going to be for this administration to sell any gun control plan to the american people? >> i think what's remarkable is the amount of common ground. i disagree with the assault weapons ban. there's been talk that the white house might step away because there's quite a lot of controversy over what exactly is an assault weapon. however, the high-capacity magazine that maria mentioned, there does seem to be common ground around that. and also mental health. now that's a little bit tricky in terms of in you spot someone, know someone who is threatening themselves or harm on the internet, for example. we just had a case of a young man in california who was making facebook threats that he wanted to go and, you know, commit an atrocity at a school, at a kindergarten. yet, authorities couldn't do anything are. there laws that are in place or laws that we should consider in trying to prevent these atrocities before they happen? and hopefull
Jan 6, 2013 5:00am PST
magazines, that might be possible. >> the nra is the big issue, but i wouldn't say it's necessarily on the republican side only. it's on the democratic side also. you have fully half of your new senate has either an "a-plus or a-minus rating from the nra, want anything on gun control, you'll have half of the senate upsetting the nra so that's a very difficult proposition. >> there is no more uphill fight than this. the question is do we fight or do we knuckle under? >> reporter: president obama says he wants action on gun legislation this year. he's asked vice president biden to lead a task force to come up with recommendations on gun policy. they are expected this month. athena jones, cnn, washington. >> president obama is headed back to washington today ending his hawaiian vacation. there's a lot on the agenda once he gets back, including a meeting with the president of afghanistan this week. he's also expected to announce a new secretary of defense, likely former senator chuck hagel. he also has to prepare for his second inauguration. here's the president getting hit in the face
Jan 13, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> reporter: but some say the focus should not be on guns, but the reason for the violence. >> the nra poses a policeman in every school, the policy should be focused on getting a dad in every home. >> reporter: vice president biden said he is glad that ev evangelicals have participated in the meetings for the task force, because in the past, they have been reluctant to engage on the gun issue. randi? >> athena jones, thank you very much. >>> tomorrow, lance armstrong is expected to sit down with with oprah winfrey at his home in texas, and he may finally spill the beeps. "usa today" says he may admit to using performance enhancing drugs throughout his career. he has vigorously denied using drugs, but his fans are hoping to hear an admission and an apolog apology. >> better late than never. it is bad that he did it to start with, but come clean so to speak. >> now that he is dropped from the cycling world, it won't hurt him, and this is going to soften up and maybe his admission of the he does admit it, it will bring him back into the cycling world. >> of course, armstrong has not admitted t
Jan 27, 2013 5:00am PST
that says when we stand together, we stand a chance. some targeted the nra with signs, and others held up names of gun violence victims. across the street, a counterdemonstration. dick heller was there. >> a dangerous city when people are disarmed. >> reporter: both rallies a day after vice president joe biden announced a gun control plan. the most powerful testimony came from a survivor of the 2007 massacre at virginia tech. >> we need to challenge any politician who thinks it's easier to ask an elementary school teacher to stand up to a gunman with an ar-15 than to stan up to a gun lobbyist with a checkbook. >> reporter: gun violence won't be solved with a ban according to the independent firearm owners association. >> what will be the impact of the future ban on those assault weapons and magazines? zero. in additiona. >> reporter: lori bennett hopes for better odds than that. >> the bottom line, we can't prevent all of the violence, but if adam lanza went into that school without all of those bullets, lives would have been saved. >>> reports of child labor, violent physical abuse and b
Jan 19, 2013 7:00am PST
on the nra versus the president. >> what do you make of the huge jump in membership? up 250,000 in the last month alone to the nra. >> look, i think people are worried -- for example, in 2012 we had the aurora, colorado, shooting. the president's team didn't do a lot. the democrats didn't make a big deal out of it. unions ran flyers in swing states saying don't worry, the democrats don't want to take your guns. now this happened, there is a movement. people are like, uh-oh, what happened, they're nervous. >> all right. roland, you don't get the final word on this. sorry. >> oh, randi -- >> a first. >> oh, randi! look at you. >> you're wearing the hat. >> i'm not going to join the nra even though i got a texan-style hat. ain't going to happen. >> good to see you. good discussion. thank you. roland martin and erick erickson. >>> inauguration prep is underway and so is the national day of service. we'll have more next. >> it is awesome to see so much enthusiasm in this room. it makes me even more excited and broward to be the honorary -- and proud to be the honorary chair of the national day o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)